What harsh winters can do to your roof and what to do when spring comes

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As soon as winter is around the corner most of the people are worried about their roofs. The reason is that of the roof is not maintained properly you will have to spend thousands on the repair cost.

Most of the individuals are looking for the tips that will help them to protect the winter damage. However, it is important that you know the type of damage that can be done to your house before you can know the prevention tips.

Ice dams

Once the snow will start to accumulate on your roof it will soon turn into blocks of ice that will cause the production of ice dams. It is a dangerous condition because ice dams can cause the formation of cracks in your roofs and you will have to wait for the winter to go away to get the roof repaired.

Gutter blockage

One of the most common issues that people have to deal with is the gutter blockage.

  • Snow will get accumulated into the gutters
  • You cannot remove the blocks of ice without damaging your roof
  • Waiting means that damage to your roof will be increased’
  • You should continuously remove the snow so it will get block the gutters

Snow loads

If you have to deal with two to three months of snowfall it means that the snow will start to build up on your roof. It will be hard to remove and as the load of the snow will increase on the roof. It will enhance the burden on the roof and if your roof material is not of good quality it might fall.


If there is only snowfall and the suns come up within few days, you will notice that the roof will start to leak. It will first enter the attic and then might lead to the production of mold in the house. It might lead to some serious health issue.

Water dripping from roof

When the ice dams are formed in the roof they cause the water from the icicles to drop on the floor. In this way when water will freeze the floor will get slippery. If you will not walk on the floor properly you might slip, and it will lead to serious musculoskeletal injuries that might be hard to cure.

Protect your roof in spring

When the spring comes to the snow on your roofs will start to melt. It might increase the damage because the water might easily get into your house. It is important that you hire the licensed roofers because only they can help you protect your roof for the winter season. Rock Solid Exteriors are roofing contractors with over 25 years experience, licensed and insured with the best roofer ratings online. They will help you protect your home with the best roofing materials backed with a lifetime warranty. Insurance Claim Specialists available. Call today for a free consultation: 800-ROOF-PRO. Or visit online at www.rocksolidexteriors.com.

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