Welcome back to part II of our series on pandemic-friendly home improvement projects. In our last blog, we began to highlight some of the best ways to make the most of our time while at home practicing social distancing during the coronavirus epidemic. We covered implementing new landscaping around your property, installing new light fixtures, and updating your home’s siding. Today, we’re continuing our theme with a few more tasks designed to keep you busy while boosting your home’s value and beauty. We’re talking about pressure washing your home exterior, overhauling your garage, and replacing your roofing (of course, we can help you with that last bit!). Be sure to stay safe out there. Now let’s dig in!

Pressure Washing

You’d be surprised at how much a thorough pressure washing can improve your home. Take a fresh look around your property. Examine the fence, the deck, your patios and walkways. Do you have a pergola or a gazebo, too? All of these surfaces are liable to get grimey over the years, and wood surfaces can begin to harbor mold and mildew (which actually damages the wood over time). Pressure wash your surfaces to breathe new life into them. If you don’t currently have a pressure washer, you can invest in a new model to break out year after year — most models range from $100 to $400, depending on the psi and features of the model. You can also rent a pressure washer from your local hardware store for a fee.

Be sure to use the proper amount of pressure for the surface that you’re working on (for example, exterior wood surfaces should only be cleaned with 1,800 psi or less). And consider investing in an exterior cleaning product to make pressure washing even easier and more thorough. It’s also a good idea to add a coat of finish to wood surfaces after pressure washing. Just make sure the wood surface has dried thoroughly before you opt to paint it.

Garage Overhaul

If your garage can’t house a vehicle anymore, then you might want to think about reorganizing to cut the clutter. Fortunately, overhauling your garage is one of the easiest home improvement projects you can do — since studs are often exposed, and you don’t have to get that “perfect” look — and you can get creative with your storage additions. If you’re surrounded by boxes and tubs, consider installing shelving to get them off of the floor and up against the wall. Have a few bikes stacked in the corner? Invest in some J-hooks to hang your bikes vertically, one next to the other.

Now it’s time to tackle your tool bench. Line your walls with pegboards and shelving to keep all of your tools accessible, yet out of the way. Pegboards are ideal for all of the hand tools that you use often (you’ll have to get the appropriate hooks and tool holders, of course), and shelving is perfect for items that you use less often (buckets of paint, insect repellant, engine oil, you name it). For larger tools, like shovels and rakes, you can create an upright tool holder, which can easily be screwed into the wall. There are a number of holders that can be found in stores that are relatively inexpensive. However, you can easily create your own holder with a few 2” x 4”s or even a modified pallet.

If you need even more storage, then look up! Ceiling shelving is becoming a more common storage solution for homeowners who need to clear out their garages. Find appropriately sized shelving to install into the ceiling of your garage to store camping gear, kayaks, holiday storage tubs, or anything else that you may not use as often. Just be sure to hit the joists of your garage ceiling with the supportive hardware for your ceiling shelving, or call on a professional to install your new shelving for you.

Replace Roofing

For being a home’s first line of defense against weather, roofing often goes neglected. Whether your roofing has been damaged in a storm or it’s simply old and worn down, it will require attention from time to time. Here at Rock Solid Exteriors, we replace roofing on homes throughout Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, and St. Clair Counties here in Michigan. We also perform full roof installations and roof repairs for damaged roofs. Our services are backed by a 50-year workmanship warranty. We’d be happy to take a look at your roof, and to provide you with the services you need so that you can rest assured you have a rock solid roof over your head. Now’s the perfect time to have your roof inspected for repairs or a replacement.

Take note, we’re currently operating under CDC guidelines to ensure that our operations are as safe as possible while we work on your home. Feel free to learn more about our safety implementations during the epidemic on our COVID-19 Public Service Announcement page.

One Call Does It All

With Rock Solid Exteriors, we can improve all surfaces of your home exterior in one fell swoop — we provide the following home exterior services: roofing, siding, gutter installation and repair, window replacements, attic insulation, and more! Reach out to us for a free consultation at 844-75-SOLID. Again, we proudly provide service throughout Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, and St. Clair Counties here in Michigan. Stay safe, and check back soon for our final blog in our series, Pandemic-Friendly Home Improvement Projects!