1. How to Fix a Roof Leak

    A common mistake that many homeowners make is they do not get their home inspected on time. This is the reason that when the weather gets bad their roofs start to leak. Another mistake people make is they use DIY strategies to inspect the cracks in their roof. Homeowners might be able to fix prominent problems but there can be several small, hidden cracks that go unseen, leading to leaks when it r…Read More

  2. All You Need to Know About Owens Corning Shingles

    Individuals are very thoughtful when it comes to decorating their house. It is not only the interior they have to pay attention to. It is important to ensure that the exterior of the house is attractive as well. The best way to make it possible is by using Owens Corning shingles. There are many homes that have simple roofs with no regard for high-quality products. Shingles can transform the look o…Read More

  3. Everything Homeowners Should Know About Owens Corning Insulation

    Insulation is the most important part of the house — due to the rapidly changing environment it has become a necessity for homeowners to insulate their walls, roof, floors, attics, ducts, basements/crawlspaces, and even specialty projects such as garage doors and water heaters to instantly add comfort and energy savings. There are many companies that are providing insulation and installation ser…Read More

  4. Why Do I Need a Certified Roofer?

    There are many homeowners that are planning to renovate their house. Before renovation, inspection of the house is very important to assure that all the issues in the house can be identified. It has been noticed that most of the issues in a home are on the roof. That means you will have to hire a roofer in order to fix the issues of the roof. It is important that pay special attention to the roofe…Read More

  5. What harsh winters can do to your roof and what to do when spring comes

    As soon as winter is around the corner most of the people are worried about their roofs. The reason is that of the roof is not maintained properly you will have to spend thousands on the repair cost. Most of the individuals are looking for the tips that will help them to protect the winter damage. However, it is important that you know the type of damage that can be done to your house before you c…Read More

  6. How to make your home warm during winter months

    The individuals that live in the area with longer winters prefer to have their homes warm all the time. Most of them have the best quality heating system installed in their houses but we all know that increasing rates of electricity makes it hard to manage the utility bills. This is the reason that most of the people are looking for affordable ways to keep their homes warm during the winter season…Read More

  7. How Siding Can Save You Hundreds

    Winter is now here and most homeowners become concerned about the utility bill. The temperatures start to drop and the heat on the thermostat goes up. During the coldest winter months, we all experience the spike in our heat bills. Rock Solid Exteriors would like to help you save hundreds on your utility bills by discussing the benefits of siding for your home or office. As you may know, there are…Read More

  8. Finding the right insulation for your home

    When you are constructing or renovating your home it is important that you pay proper attention to the insulation. Insulation is installed in attics, floors, walls, ducts, basements and crawl spaces to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. There are several brands of insulation available in the market but Rock Solid Exteriors highly recommends Owens Corning Insulation. As Platinum …Read More

  9. Reasons to Review Your Roofing Insurance Policy

    Insurance companies today view roofing as the most important part of the house. The roof protects the rest of the house from major elements that may cause damage. A roof that is in a state of disrepair will, therefore, lead to further damage to the home. The process of filing a roof insurance claim in the event of damage and getting full reimbursement for your roof can be a tiresome process. It is…Read More

  10. How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

    Winter comes with severe weather conditions such as winter storms, hail, snow and heavy rain. Before these storms hit, you should have done several things to prepare your roof. A good roof will help safeguard your house from the elements and keep your family, possessions, and pets safe and dry. Here are a few winter roof tips you should apply to make sure your roof is ready to withstand the winte…Read More