Lifetime Shingle Warranty

Lifetime Shingle Warranty - Michigan - Shingle replacement, installation and repair

Lifetime Shingle Warranty – Rock Solid Exteriors in Michigan

Rock Solid Exteriors offers the platinum shingle warranty protection because we know the importance of quality for your home or business. We provide the best warranties for high quality shingles such as Berkshire Collection Shingles, Devonshire Shinges, Oakridge Shingles, Supreme Three-Tab Shingles and True Definition Duration Designer Colors Collection. To check comparison and warranty information, go to Owen’s Corning Warranty website for more information. 

We are also Mastic Preferred Contractors and are able to offer you a range of comprehensive warranties, including an exclusive VIP Limited Lifetime Warranty for most siding products, a 20-Year Warranty for gutter coil used to make seamless gutters, and a Lifetime Limited Warranty for 5000/4000/3000 Series Replacement Windows and Patio Doors. If your project includes vinyl siding, it’s crucial to hire a Mastic Preferred Contractor as we are experienced and ensure that your home or business uses a product that is durable, dependable, warranted and from an established well-known manufacturer.

Why is Lifetime Shingle Warranty Important?

Shingles are a big investment involving thousands of dollars and need to last a minimum of 25 years. Some shingles last up to 50 years. As with any big investment, it is important to know in advance what your warranty covers, pros and cons of each materials, maintenance and how to save thousands in the event that problems arise. We ensure to provide you with a variety of shingle options that will meet your budget, save you money in the long run and includes a warranty that will cover replacement materials and the reasonable cost of labor to install them. For more information, please call us for a non-commitment free consultation. We will send our shingle expert to your home or business to discuss your needs. 

Emergency Shingle Replacement and Repair

Rock Solid Exteriors offers emergency shingle replacement and repair services in Michigan because we know that natural disasters happen. We will provide services with 24 hours for all of our service locations. 

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